Cheree Moreland

My name is Cheree Moreland. I am an Atlanta based designer specializing in web design, graphic design, and CMS installation and integration including e-Commerce, social media, integrated advertising and search engine optimization (SEO). You can find me on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Planning Your Website Design

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Unless you understand the goals you want to achieve and the purpose of your web site, you cannot hope to have an effective web presence. Before the first line of code is placed, it is important to understand the purpose of your site and how it works as part of your overall online image. Throught out the process, attention must be taken in order to have an effective search engine strategy that can continue long after the site is launched. Without a proper foundation, your web site cannot support your goals.

From identifying your market to finalizing the overall look and feel, I can help you to create a web site design that captures your audience and helps your site to stand out from the crowd. Let me help you to create your strategy and brand for your online presence!


these are the key objectives the website must deliver upon in order to be successful.

these elements include clear definitions of who the website is intended for, broken down by degrees of probability. The website must address the unique needs of the intended audience.

Defines how the website must accomplish the business objectives.

Outlines at a high level the overall website design strategy. This includes considerations for information architecture and creative design.

Assess the content requirements for the website.

Identifies the supporting business processes required to effectively operate the website.

Defines how success will be measured once the redesigned website launches.

Documents the expected outcome of the process.

About Me

Cheree Moreland is graphic artist specializing in content management solutions, web site design, corporate branding, search engine optimization (SEO), social media integration, and print media.

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